Crédit photo: Jean-François Lemire

Defending pop-punk & pop-rock for more than 15 years in Canada and internationally, Kamakazi has released 4 albums, 6 EPs and over 15 music videos. With over 300 concerts in Canada and Europe under their belt and several thousands albums sold, they also generated millions of plays on digital music services, several #1 charting singles on radio and countless spins on various TV music channels. Kamakazi released their debut French album « Tirer le meilleur du pire » in 2008 through the Montreal-based record label Slam Disques. The album exploded on the scene with huge singles and garnered massive TV and Radio airplay in Canada followed by appearances on some of the biggest music festivals. In 2011, the band’s sophomore album « Rien à cacher », released on Indica Records, saw the band reach international audiences and ultimately get nominated for Best Rock Album at the Gala de l’ADISQ. In 2013, the band launched their third album « See What Happens » – their first in English – along with a French EP called « Foxyboxe » giving them their first #1 singles in both languages. Teaming up with Slam Disques once again, Kamakazi released their fourth album « Regarde Maman, I’m on the TV! » in early 2016 to much acclaim among critics and fans. With 2021 just around the corner, fans are left to wonder if they are working on new music…


Christmas EPs:


Bébé requin

(Compilation ZOO 5)

Toutes les Femmes Savent Danser
( Compilation ZOO 4 )

Pour que tu m’aimes encore
( Compilation ZOO 1 )


Fuck Toute – Regarde Maman, I’m on the TV!
Bonne St-Valentin! – Regarde Maman, I’m on the TV!
À mon avis – Regarde Maman, I’m on the TV!
Suckerpunch – Regarde Maman, I’m on the TV!
Prisonnier – Foxyboxe
Seul Pour Cette Danse – Tirer le Meilleur du Pire
Rien Entre les Deux Oreilles – Tirer le Meilleur du Pire
Isa – Tirer le Meilleur du Pire
Pars Mon Engin – Tirer le Meilleur du Pire